Kose Visse Nenmaku Fake Rouge

In 2023, it is Kose Visse Nenmaku Fake Rouge is one of the best hit lip sticks.

Visse is the drug store line in Kose, it has good reputation.

Nenmaku means Mucous membrane. It’s concept is that to prevent original lip color is naturally beauty.

What I purchased is #OR250, orange is not for me, but it is the color of mid between orange and salmon pink.

Visse Nenmaku Fake
Nenmaku Fake

It is naturally matte finish, as I saw.

The good point is that here are no perfume, but it pealed my lips.

If you want me to deal Nenmaku Fake Rouge line, please feel free to ask me. We don’t deal limited colors, by the way, also it is still not easy to purchase.