Fancl Botanical Force Essence Lotion is a smooth and light

Fancl Botanical Forceis line was changed the formula (a little bit) for AW2017. My current skin condition is not pretty bad, I bought a small trial kit.

Fancl Botanical set

First is Botanical Force Essence Lotion. I had experiment with a previous formula. Previously, it was a spray style product, but current formula is a simply bottle.

Fancl Botanical Lotion

Previously, it was sticky product, but in this formula, it is not surprisingly sticky. It is watery. It moisturised my skin gently, but for my current skin condition, it is fine, fine is fine, but I admit my skin is coming drier and I found there is little roughness. None would say it is rough skin, if you would not touch. I need “one more something”.

Previous formula, seems I found there was a faint scent of ethanol what I often get sting, but actually I got no irritation. 

On the other hand, in this formula, I felt nothing scent, and of course I felt no irritation on my “facing to damage” skin.

That’s Fancl.


I have to admit, for my dry skin, I needed this lotion more and more to get moisturise. Guess this lotion is a great product, for my using, it can be on summer.

I guess for the people with dry skin (like me), you may also need extra other items to moist.

Guess this Botanical Force may be “Light” type in Fancl’s other lines. If you like more “moist” type, my recommend is Fancl BC Lotion.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “ Fancl Botanical Force Line”

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