Albion Infinesse White White Plant Cream

In this season of SS2018, Albion changes the Infinesse White line.

Seems it is my first time to using a cream under the brand of Infinesse White.

This cream is Medicated, with the function of brightening by Tranexamic acid.

Infinesse Cream

This is all of the sample package. Seems you have no need to use so much in once.

I am not so much sure what “Plant” means, Albion does not sell Infinesse products with image of organic or something.

I have experience with creams under Excia AL line, but checked samples what I have, there are no samples of them to compare with this cream.

Anyway, I felt this cream is heavier and oilier in good meaning, you may also expect for these things if you have drier skin too.

The bad point is the very its strong perfume. This is the reason why I rarely buy face creams from Albion. The quality is good.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; Albion Infinesse White Line

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