Cosme Decorte iP Shot Advanced is for wrinkles

In Sep 2018, Cosme Decorte change the formula of their famous wrinkle care serum “iP Shot” to “iP Shot Advanced”. This new formula is medicated, and it is niacinamide, what is the main ingredients for reducing the wrinkles.

I got samples of this serum. Let me share with you how I felt.

I am a plus-sized, I have less wrinkles, freckles are bigger and more serious problem for myself. Indeed I found there are small wrinkles in my eye area. Alas! Before buying a full size tube, I asked the samples to try whether it gives me stinging sensation or flash, what I often feel Vitamin A/ Retinol products.

The BC of Cosme Decorte insisted to keep using for 8 weeks to let the wrinkles reduce. This serum is not for whole of your faces, this is only for your problem area.

The BC of Cosme Decorte insisted quite small quantity for one wrinkle, I guess it can be enough for my 4 main wrinkles in eye and mouth area.

iP Shot

Place your finger on the end of the wrinkle, and apply this serum in zigzags or with small rounds.

There are soften perfume what gone quickly, is not strong one.

There are no stinging or irritation with using. For myself, so far I am not sure whether it works or not, but guess Niacinamide is better than Vitamin A/ Retinol products for me.

My mother (over 60 years old) used the second package,  the grandmother of two has many winkles, she insisted small but many winkles on her chin are less visible with using this cream.

I haven’t decided to buy or not, still freckles care are my priority. Indeed it is not bad knowing finding less harmful products.

Please check the latest price, and order from here:”Cosme Decorte iP Shot Advanced