Decencia Ayanasu Lotion Concentrate

Recently, there are demands of dealing Decencia brand, it was not from one person, we decided to deal on the store.

Decencia is a brand by POLA-Orbis, and this brand is for sensitive skin. Ayanasu is an early ageing care brand. I bought a trial kit.

Decencia Ayanasu

The first review is by Ayanasu Lotion Concentrate.

Ayanasu has good reputation as “Ceramide” skin care.

Decencia Ayanasu

The color is transparent.

It is sticky lotion. There is a slight scent of lavender and something, seems there are Rosemary Extract and Lavender Water as the ingredients, they are also natural perfume.

It is not sticky on my face. It turns smoother quickly.

I feel it moisturised my skin pretty well. If you are a lavender prone — it is not a joke, there are lavender allergy, this is not my recommend. I recommend to use Fancl lotions or Orbis U Lotion.

Now, I have many lotions and others are waiting a line to be reviewed. I may not buy the full bottle right now. It is one of the choice.

If you love lavender, I guess you may like it.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Decencia Ayanasu”.