Our Schedule for Oct-Nov 2018

After non-stop 5 months working,  we are going to have long off on 18th of Oct – 30th of Oct 2018.

You can order as you want, but there are delay time between the obsession and shipping. When your order is after 12th of Oct, the shipping is on 2nd of Nov.

I am in Japan, and I will bring my MacBook Air and iPhone, I will be connect the net, and I check our mail box at least once a day. You can order, but the shipping will be on 2nd of Nov.

No worries, but delay.

  • 15th of Oct: We close the most of the pre-order of Holiday makeup products what will be sold on Nov.
  • 16th of Oct: final obsession of Albion, Cosme Decorte, Ignis, Shiseido Benefique before of our off.
  • 17th of Oct: final shipping day
  • 18th of Oct- 30th of Oct: Our off: still I can accept your special order, but I am happy that what is not heavy
  • 31st of Oct: Packing day & we can ship some to you too
  • 1st of Nov: obsession day for many products & packing day
  • 2nd of Nov: Shipping day