Personal review of ADDICTION Eyeliner Pencil

(Note: Original Post was on Oct, 2012! Oh!! I edited and add new photos on April, 2016)

I (Cherry) have used an European Famous brands’ eyeliners for ages, but my eyelids are the very Asian eyelids. That eyeliner runs easily. ADDICTION’s Eyeliner pencil is one of the most sold items for us since we have started this business. I have decided to change eyeliners.

According to ADDICTION, the eyeliner pencil is waterproof, and it does not easy to run. I have asked the Beauty Counselor  in the counter, “how to remove it?”, she said “as your usual remover”.

My color is #Moss Ball. It should be green, but it is more bluish black in this picture. For my eyes, I am feeling this is a bluish black to khaki.

My second eyeliner is #Lady of the Lake. In my screen, this color looks dark red, but seems one of the customers misunderstood as brown. This is red, BEAUTIFUL RED!

ADDICTION Lady Of the Lake

We are so sorry but we can not change the colors… With this picture, none will be misunderstand 😀

You can shade or run easily by your finger just after your drawing. But after few seconds, it is hard to run, even shade by your finger.

After my few hours walking, I sweat on my face, and my foundation ran, but the ADDICTION Eyeliner hard to run. Not pretty bad.

On the tale of the eyeliner pencil, there is a sharper.

But according to the BC of ADDICTION, just round on a tissue is enough to sharp. It is better than this sharper. In person, I like round shape, I do not use sharpener nor round on a tissue.

I compare the color of #Moss Ball with another often ordered eyeliner, THREE Shadow Performance Eyeliner, #09 Army Moon Walker.


It is true that there are less difference! Upper is ADDICTION, powder is THREE 😀

ADDICTION Pencil Eyeliner

Check the colors, the latest price, and order from here; “ADDICTION Eyeliner pencil“.