Personal Review of Lunasol Scrubful Wash

In this summer, I (Cherry) was looking for sunscreen, makeup remover, and scrub wash. Let me tell you Lunasol Scrubful Wash.

This is also a mini sample size.

It smelled like a kind of sweet mint. It is not so bad one.

I wish you can see white scrubs in the white green past. At the right picture, there are no bubbles, and few scrubs. When you massage softly this scrub is broken, and make small bubble. It is the very face wash, and it also works as just a face wash. After this scrub wash, you have no need to use face wash.

It has pretty bad point in person. I say again “it smelled like a kind of sweet mint”, this is the very the bad point.

I felt something — not pain, small irritant on my lips and eye edges. I suppose it is by mint for perfume, or some effect to cool your skin down. I wish there were no such effect or smell!

Seems this product is designed for oily or young skin. If I were not sensitive, nor drier skin, it could be nice.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “Lunasol“.