Albion Flarune Pure Syrup Wash

Albion had already discontinued Exage White line, and newly released Flarune Brightening Line. This Albion Flarune Pure Syrup Wash is released under Flarune Brightening Line.

I got samples for Albion Flarune Pure Syrup Wash, let me share how I felt.

To be honest, seems Flarune Brightening line has lower reputation as Albion products, what generally has really good reputation among Japanese skin care maker.

This face wash is designed for non-foaming face wash, especially using at Summer morning.

They recommend to take it on your palm, but guess it is the easiest way to show you with using cotton.

Albion Flarune Pure syrup

Guess you are able to see there are some foams on the cotton, I had highlighted. You have no need to make foam on palm, and caress really gently.

For me, I am afraid of it is too strong for my morning use (I rinse my face by water only). I used it at night. Surprisingly it removed dirt and makeup remover (Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil) well, and afterward of using this Pure Syrup Wash, there are no tightness nor dryness.

I checked what Japanese reviews are saying for this Flalune Pure Syrup Wash. Users appreciate its ability to leave the skin smooth and moisturized. The gel texture, which doesn’t require foaming, is particularly favored for its gentle and adherent feel.  However, experiences vary, with some finding it less effective. Some users also noted an improvement in skin clarity and brightness after use, what I did not feel :).

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “Albion Flarune Brightening Line“.