Albion Exage Moist Advance Milk made my skin smooth

In the season of AW 2018, Albion changed the formula of Exage Activation Milk to Exage Moist Advance Milk.

I LIKE Albion products. I am feeling they are good for my skin. But they use too strong perfume 🙁 This is only one, but the biggest con of Albion in person.

I got a sample of Exage Moist Advance Milk #2 and what I have is Activation Milk #3.
Moist Advance Milk

Whole of the package of Moist Advance Milk #2, and 3 pushes of Activation Milk #3.

Guess you may see both are really runny.

They are the same perfume, and Moist Advance Milk #2 is more smoother, and Activation Milk #3 is a little bit oilier.


I got a sample of Infinesse Derma Pump Milk, and here is a Moist Advance Milk #2.

Exage 2018

Infinesse is quicker to be smooth, but Infinesse side is more oily and something lifting up (not tight). Exage side is more “light” and smoother after 5 mins.

According to the BC of Albion, the Infinesse is for working mother/ ladies who are stingy for few mins/ seconds for their own skin care. It is Infiness the most easy to “absorb”, probably to be smooth among Albion/ Ignis products.

Infinesse is a brand for not only moisturizing but also firming/ lifting up, and Exage is for moisturizing. Indeed you can choose which are better due to the scent, I guess.

Review for Activation Milk (Previous formula)

I am feeling there are not so much big difference between the current “Moist Advance Milk” and “Activation Milk”, I keep the reviews.

Review to compare 1 & 2

In Exage, 1 is for oily skin, 2 is for normal skin, 3 is for dry skin. 2 is the most sold in Japan.

Today, I compare 1 & 2.

Albion Exage Activation

The quantities are 3 pushes each, the very Albion recommends. (I use one side of my face each, so, I use double of Albion recommends :))

1 is quite runny, and 2 is a little bit harder.

The perfume is just the same with previous formula of Exage Moist Crystal Milk, I felt.

I do not remember texture afterward of previous formula. (Oh, as I remember, this 1 is the first time to use for me?)

Textures afterward of them, I felt 1 is light, and 2 is a little bit heavier for me. My skin is quite dry in this driest season in Japan, but I prefer light texture. I prefer 1 more than 2. I prefer using products of lighter texture a lot.

But I doubt if this is good for quite oily skin. It is really up to the reason why your skin is oily. And this article is not for that thing, please do not ask me why your skin is oily.

Anyway, what I wanna say is, 1 is lighter, but I do not say this is less oil product. If I were an oil prone, and really easily to have acne and blemishes, I would keep my steps away from even 1.

Both makes my skin smoother my (a little bit ) lough skin after washing my face.

Checking what Japanese reviewers says, I often found “it brings my skin smooth! “. Of course seems this was not pretty much good for some people. I found some got acnes, I can guess, Exage Milk is oily, as I had mentioned. I did rarely find the term of “ supple” on the review of Exage. If you wanna bring your skin more supple, Infiness will be better.

Review to compare  2&3

I also compare 2 & 3.

Albion Milk 2 & 3

Seems #2 is the most sold in Japan, but I was often advised to use #3 by BCs. Not #1, but #3.

I prefer using items with light texture a lot, and 3 is a little bit heavier than even 2. But it is also true that I have no time to apply lots of things when I am in a hurry. BCs recommend me to us#3 for 3 pushes, but I often apply items by my hands. In busy morning, I prefer to add #3 on my hands just 1 pushes to use. On night, I prefer using #1 3-4 pushes on my hands, or 5-6 pushes on cotton.

So? I found the reason why people buy #2, they may use morning and night 3 pushes each 😀

Anyway, I feel it is quite fuzzy. Why don’t you use them as you want?

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