Albion Flarune Soft Fondue Cleansing Cream

I got a trial size of Albion Flarune Soft Fondue Cleansing Cream.

Let me share how I felt.

Albion Flarune Cleansing Cream

As same as Flarune Aqua Fondue Cleansing Cream, it is a cream makeup remover. I have a good image for cleansing creams as easy to remove waterproof eye makeups, but Aqua Fondue is not good at removing those.

There is my makeup and removing.

Albion Flarune Soft Fondue

Surprizingly, Aqua Fondue was not good at removing Three Eyeliner Pencil and RMK Mascara, I did not expect this Soft Fondue is good at removing those waterproof makeups.

As I had thought it could not remove them well. I needed to use my face washes to remove those perfectly. I checked what Japanese reviewers are saying, and they are often point it out.

Afterward of using this makeup removers, there are no irritation for damaged skin. It is a gentle makeup remover.

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