AWAKE herbal vitalizing gel cleanse — not good for waterproof makeup

Finally, yeah, finally I can review for AWAKE herbal vitalizing gel cleanse.


I had taken many pictures what needed to be written the reviews, let me do one by one.

I got a sample tube, quite small tube of this.

Awake Gearbal Virtalizing Gel Clenase

In person, I have less good image on gel makeup removers.

My makeup are below:

  • ADDICTION Skin Care Foundation
  • ADDICTION Pencil Eyeliner (both Khaki and Red)
  • Kanebo Coffret D’or Eyeliner Super Sharp (letters)

Awake Gel Cleanse on arm

Both ADDICTION and Coffret D’or eyeliners are waterproof, I doubted this makeup remover works well.

I just spread on my finger.

Awake Gel Cleanse few mins


As they say, this gel is tune to oil, and that’s true that it is QUITE easy to remove.

I wiped my arm by tissue, and it was really cleared.

awake gel cleanse done

I LOVE the scent of “Cypress”, the green wooden essential oil.

I used this on my face twice.

Please do not use this by your wet hands to wet face. It is so easy to be “emulsion”, and do not work well. As long as using in dry  hands and dry face, it works SO good.

I need to admit, it worked “TOO MUCH”. I felt my skin was turned too dry after this product. Of course I use my daily face wash, Fancl Powder Wash, basically it has less problem of this.

This is an aging care line, but for me, this is too strong.

But it worked well for my waterproof mascaras too.

Totally to say, if your skin is not sensitive like me, prefer Cypress scent, and looking for something remove your makeup quickly, this is for you.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: AWAKE herbal vitalizing gel cleanse, or in JPY Branch!