Albion Flarune Stringy Wash washed my skin truly clearly without tight

Albion had discontinued Exage line, and now it is changed to Flarune line.

I got a small tube of Albion Flarune Stringy Wash, a face wash.

Let me share with my review with you.

Take few on your palm, and add water to make bubble.Here you are. Guess you need a little bit more than I took to wash your face and neck.
Albion Exage Whipe
This bubble is soft, if you like harder bubble, this is not for you.

The perfume is too strong for my preference. But for me, this is only one bad point so far.

Some foam face wash is too strong for my skin, but this kept my skin moist. My skin afterward was enough “cleared” and enough moisturized.

Seems this face wash is including clay to wash, but I do not feel and do not know how it works.

Please check the latest price and order from here:”Albion Flarune Line”.