Fancl Aging Care Washing Cream (Formula of 2018) is my routine at Autumn to Early Summer!

Fancl is selling powder face wash for years, and this is a tube foam wash, renewed at 2018, it is one of my current routine, and I perfectly misunderstood I had updated.

It is saying “cream”, but as I say, this is just a tubed face wash.

Fancl Aging Washing

Add water to make bubble.

It is pretty enough without using foaming net.

Fancl Washing Cream

How do you feel?

For me, I like soft bubble face wash, this is enough. But if you like harder bubble, I do not recommend to use.

There are some nice face washes, but one problem is their perfume for me. I prefer no/ less perfume. But I also need to admit some face washes with no perfume are with smell of “Industrial”, hope you may know what I mean.

There are slight something smell, but it is not pretty bad.

My skin condition washing afterward, it was still moisturized. It is true that “aging care”. If you prefer feeling like “refreshed” or “cleared”, this is not for you.

In person, this is not for my summer use, but for my routine at dry season.

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