Personal Review of Awake Paradise Call

I (Cherry) got a sample of Awake Paradise Call.

I had thought this is more milky look product, but this is half-transparent color.

This product is “pre-lotion”, as we often describe  “use just after your face wash”. It will help you pouring lotion your skin, as they said. I know most of you can not read Japanese, but you may understand what this picture mean. Yes, lymph massaging.

I LOVE the scent of Sandalwood essential oil, but I also like the scent of organic Cypress oil. I was looking forward using this serum. Maybe cypress is one of the smells which make we Japanese relax. But frankly to say, this product is a little bit strong for my skin not pretty good condition. I just felt somehow uncomfortable, not strong stinger.

I prefer using organic products, I feel they are better for environment too. However they are sometimes too strong for me 🙁

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