Record of Cosme Decorte AQMW Makeup Coffrets

Cosme Decorte AQMW Makeup Coffret Ⅵ(2017)

In this year, I bought for myself. I had thought “Pink is Back!”

Cosme Decorte AQMW 2017

Let me show you one by one with swatch.

Eye Glow Gem #PK881

Cosme Decorte AQMW Eye

Eye Glow Gem is one of the best seller among for us. Finally I got one for myself. To be honest, mono-color eyeshadow is not so much easy to use for me. I prefer a palette.

Indeed at least this #PK881, it can work for posh glitter, or primer of eyeshadow. It can be so useful to combine other eyeshadow palette.

There is a scent, this is a bad point for me, in person.

Lasting Gel Eyeliner, and Blush & Highlighter

Cosme Decorte AQMW Eyeliner: blush

The eyeliner, Lasting Gel Eyeliner #BR303, it is named as “BR”, it means “BRown”. Indeed in my eyes, it is purplish brown. It is a thin eyeliner, and it is a little bit harder as “Gel” eyeliner.

The Blush & Highlighter are combined as the bottom of the eyeliner. They are creamy, and the blush is Pink-Salmon Pink. According to the BC of Cosme Decorte, she told me that apply on the highlighter on the edge of the blush. In my eyes, it is lovely, and on my face, it is nice to shading, I tried to take a photo of that in another, but not easy to see, so I do not show that picture.

Rouge Glow #PK861

My the most favorite is this lip. Fortunately, I did not pealed by this lip, and the perfume is slightly (for my broken nose, due to the seasonal changing, yeah Autumn! not a big deal, simply it is Autumn).

Cosme Decorte AWMQ Lip

AWWWWW! Lovely!!!!!

Sadly, it is already sold out. If you want to have Cosme Decorte makeup kit, please wait for the next year!

Seems I had forgot to take a picture to show you on 2016.

Cosme Decorte AQMW Makeup Coffret Ⅳ(2015)

I (Cherry) went to one of Cosme Decorte stores, and found there are already demonstration of AQMW Makeup Coffret Ⅳ, what is Cosme Decorte AQMW Holiday makeup kit 2015.
AQMW Makeup Coffret 4

This year, the image is a love letter. Ah sweet!
AQMW Makeup Coffret 4

There are pink based eyeshadow palette, blush, lip gloss, and an eyeliner.


At first, the BC used the Lasting Gel Eyeliner #PU102.

The color is deep purple (reddish purple to burgundy ), and when the BC applied on my eyelids, I found it is quite tiny and pretty harder. My daily makeup is with eyeliners, and what I use is ADDICTION Eyeliner Pencil or THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner, or THREE Shadow Lining Performance Eyeliner. If you dislike harder eyeliners, this is not for you, we are sure.

I often use eyeliners in my final stage of my eye makeup. I asked her about that. According to her, use as my convenient. It was a warm Autumn day, and she was afraid of the eyeliner is running out. (I forgot to ask her whether this eyeliner is a waterproof, checking AQMW Lasting Gel Eyeliner,  regular items are waterproof. Oh, I also have to tell you. AQMW Lasting Gel Eyeliner is a refill-holder system, but you can not use other color’s refills to this #PU102. This is not a refill-holder system.) Anyway, according to her, when you use this eyeliner at first, it last well, but it’s up to your skin condition, we guess.


Second was the eyeshadow:AQ MW Gradation Eyeshadow #101
AQMW Makeup Coffret 4
AQMW Gradation Eyeshadow is a product, apply quad colors from bottom to up, horizontal gradation. But the most up is with bigger glitters, she applied on the corner /tail of my eyes. Beautiful pink!


AQMW Brush & High-lighter #PK850
AQMW Makeup Coffret 4
She told me, attention with applying the blush. The blush is a beautiful trio palette. So pretty. But the most deepest pink, left bottom, this color will be to color vivid. When I travel to abroad, I can find Japanese girls pretty easy. We often have too much blushes, like cockatiels (but they are quite cute birds, aren’t they?). I do not feel we are wearing too much when I am in Japan… Anyway, when you use this, please pay attention not to be a cockatiel!

Above of the palette seems a highlighter.


AQMW Rouge Balm #PK807

The color is posh pink in my eyes.

Last year, when I applied AQMW gloss in AQMW Makeup Coffret ⅲ, sadly my lips were pealed badly. My skin is not pretty much strong, and I often pealed by lipsticks especially matte one. I rarely pealed by glosses.

I was afraid of this, after applying this for 2 hours, my lips were safe 🙂 So happy.


AQMW Makeup Coffret ⅲ was perfumed, and Cosme Decorte AQMW makeups are perfumed. It was a tester, and it was a cosmetic store, where is filled by perfumes. I could not catch particular scent, but I bet products in this kit, especially eyeshadow palette is with perfume. If you hate perfumed makeups, this is not for you, even how beautiful they are!

Wanna have it? Too late! Keep your eyes on us for 2016!!

AQMW Makeup Coffret III

AQMW Makeup Coffret III

I (Cherry) went to a store of Cosme Decorte, and BC made me up by AQMW Makeup Coffret 3, the makeup coffret for 2014.

Looks so sweet isn’t it?
AQMW Makeup Coffret III

Eyeshadow Palette:
Cute Chocolate Case!
Apply colors from dark to light to make a beautiful gradation.
AQMW Makeup Coffret III
The color was full of glitters, posh glitters, and so beautiful.  It is so easy to use daily for all season. We Japanese girls buy those useful makeup kits at holiday season, and use a kit whole a year, lots of girls buy extra items when they have done with some items. I thought it was pretty good, and I bought it for myself. But when I opened the case, I found a perfume, which is not for me. 🙁 One of the girls love to have, I gave it to her.

Gel Eyeliner (Eyeliner):
The color is brown, and waterproof. It fixes pretty well to the darkest color of eyeshadow palette. This is not refill & holder system. They say this is a gel eyeliner, but this eyeliner pencil is pretty hard one, for me, who uses quite soft eyeliners by THREE.

Rouge Palm (Lip Gloss):
The color looked vivid on the tube, but applying on my lips, the color was posh and not pretty strong. My lips are not strong color. I could not feel perfume, but it was a counter, there are full of perfumes, and my nose was pretty bad because of the seasons changing.

There was a huge problem for me. I often get pealed my lips by lip sticks, especially matte one. I rarely pealed by glosses. When I removed this gloss, I found my lips were pealed pretty badly.

Cheek Color (Cheek Stick, Blush Stick):
The color is salmon pink to pink, not orange nor red. QUITE natural color for my skin. Lovely. Apply from the stick to the cheek and touch your fingers to make natural.

There are lots of brands adding porches sometimes useless one. But this AQMW is SO good. Just a paper box with plastic tray, truly sweets box like plastic tray.
I love it!

If you like to have such limited kits/ items, please keep your eyes on here: Limited & Seasonal