Shiseido Anessa Perfect Facial UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster (formula of 2017) is also no irritation with super waterproof! Yay!

Anissa changed the formula SS2017. The formula of 2016 was “Shiseido Anessa Perfect Facial UV Sunscreen”, and the formula of 2017 is “ Shiseido Anessa Perfect Facial UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster”.

There is a limited kit for SS2017, the full bottle of Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster, and small tube of this Shiseido Anessa Perfect Facial UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster.

Anessa 2017 set

The difference is “Aqua Booster” or not.

Shiseido claims “Aqua Booster” or “Wet Force” means the sunscreen effect is getting stronger with water. Please do not ask us about this effect 😀 Anyway, in this formula of 2017, they add a function of “Aqua Booster”.

Let me show you how I felt.

The cream on the tube is like this. Just white. I just compared with the picture I took for 2016, it is more yellow now. But not so much big different, I am sure. There is a perfume, the very Anessa, but not pretty much strong. In this point, there are no change.

Anessa 2017 on my arm

Just let you know 2016

Anessa Perfect Facial UV Sunscreen

When I spread on my arm, can you see anything?

Anessa 2017

Maybe no. When I tough my arm, I can find significantly oily, and a little bit shining 🙂

This is a super waterproof, let me spray water, Avene Water.



Some sunscreens turns to white, but in this sunscreen, there are no such problem. I sweat really a lot on my face, it may good for me.

I often feel sting by sunscreens. Sometimes it is not only my skin, but also I feel something irritation in my eyes. It is really annoying. As long as using this Anessa, fortunately, I did not feel any pain, even when my skin turned so sensitive.

The difference between silver tube: Anessa Medicated Whitening Essence Facial UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster, I think there are two.

  1. no brightening effect. Silver one, there is a m-tranexamic acid, but there is nothing in this gold
  2. This is a Super Waterproof, and the Silver is just a Waterproof

Just let you know, in previous formula. I know some ladies who were wearing the previous formula of this sunscreen for entire of a year. If you are living under the sunshine, I recommend to use sunscreens for 265 years!


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