Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Gel (formula of 2018)

Anissa changed the formula for SS2018, they keep that formula in SS2019 too.

The formula of 2017, called  “ Shiseido Anessa Perfect Facial UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster”, ana “Golden Tube” is changed to “Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Gel” now.

In previous formula, the Golden Tube was for facial and body. In this Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Gel is also for facial and body use.

Note: as of 2019, we due to the postal and aviation regulations, we can not ship this product.

Shiseido claims “Aqua Booster” or “Wet Force” means the sunscreen effect is getting stronger with water. Please do not ask us about this effect 😀 In the formula of SS2018, there are no “Aqua Booster” things in the title, but seems the formula of SS2018, the Golden Tube has the effect of Aqua Booster.

Seems the difference between the Golden Bottle and this Golden Tube, the Golden Bottle has “Aqua Booster EX” and this has “Aqua Booster”. Please do not ask me about it again.

Let me show you how I felt.

Swatch with Allie Highlight

On the view point of the waterproof effect, I felt the Anessa Whitening UV, aka the White Tube has less than Allie Extra UV Highlight Gel, I thought it is nice to swatch with that Allie with this Anessa Golden Tube.

Here we go.

Anessa Perfect Allie Highlight

There is a perfume in Anessa, the very Anessa, but not pretty much strong. In this point, there are no change.

And I think comparing this Perfect UV Skincare and Allie Highlight, Allie changed the skin tone oddly white, it is the very “tone up”, but I thought it is a white cast.

The good thing is water drops. I sprayed Avene Water, and both repelled water pretty well.

I often feel sting by sunscreens on my face. It is the most tough season for me in Japan, I have no idea to use this product on my face.

For my body, it is better than using Anessa Medicated Whitening UV Sunscreen Gel N, or Allie Extra UV Highlight Gel. But I strongly like to use no perfume products on my body too.

Why I went to buy this and not buying Allie tubed sunscreens? On the day I went to one of the drugstores not so much far from, but not regularly buying. I needed to buy something what the regular store does not dealing for special order from one of the repeat customers, and on that drugstore, they are not dealing Allie, Anessa only. It was a rainy day I did not want to visit for extra two block to buy Allie for me 😀 that’s all.

But it is a good swatch I am sure.

Note: as of 2019, we due to the postal and aviation regulations, we can not ship this product.

Please see Anessa what we can deal now from here: “Shiseido Anessa