RMK Creamy Foundation N is nice coverage with natural-matte finish

At AW 2014, RMK changed RMK Creamy Foundation to Creamy Foundation N.
Few years ago, I (Cherry) used RMK Creamy Foundation, still Creamy Foundation N is the same square bottle shape.

Anyway, we got a sample of new RMK Creamy Foundation N, let me share with you my review. Let me apply this foundation on my naked arm at first.

RMK Creamy Foundation N

The color is #102, the standard shade for Japanese. If you are North-Eastern Asian, our recommend is try this #102 at first.

I thought it is a little bit harder than I had expected. It is the difference between Creamy foundations and Liquid foundations that runny or a little bit harder. You can choose the texture which you like.

RMK Creamy Foundation N

Fixing on my arm.

RMK Creamy Foundation N

Uh, that’s enough isn’t it? Could you see uneven skin tone on the pictures above? I guess this is really nice covering. It maybe middle to full coverage.

The finish looks like glow to natural, but this is because of the lighting (it was a sunny day). For my eyes, I feel this is natural to matte finish what I like. If you wanna more glow, my recommend is applying primers making your skin glow. Suggestion is RMK Creamy Polished Base N


I had used RMK Creamy Foundation, #103, it was good when I obtained, but frankly to say, it was darker when I had done with this.  We Japanese girls change foundations each seasons, for example, I am using powder foundation during late May to mid Sep, but other seasons are with creamy foundations. Sometimes we change colors too. Our skin tone and colors are different from everyday, and we often mix colors on my hands to find the best color.

Case Shape

I used a half bottle of this foundation of previous formula, and seems still they are using a square bottle. Frankly to say, it was not pretty easy to use the square bottles at all. Yes, the corner. I am a person, who wanna use ALL of the product, and happy to through away the perfectly empty bottle. Why?? hmm, that’s me… Anyway, if you are kind of person like me, you may feel annoying to take the foundation on the corner. My recommend is SUQQU Creamy Foundation N, which is just a jar, and easy to use (but the price is not cute!)

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, seems this jar is a little bit bigger than the previous, and especially the hole is bigger and easier to use. Nice solution!

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