Suqqu Enrich Foaming Wash clarify my face pretty well without tight :)

SUQQU changed a formula of their foam face wash, SUQQU Refining Foam to Suqqu Enrich Foaming Wash.

I Liked SUQQU Refining Foam, a gentle foamed face wash. I had thought it is just a usual tube/ foam style face wash–“Beside using Dove or Biore or other items, why I have to use such expensive item??”

No. This is wrong, definitely wrong idea. It’s scent is posh than adorable items, easy to make a rich roam namely I do not need so much amount per once, and my skin afterward is clean but well moisturized.

They changed the formula to Enrich Foaming Wash, how they changed. I was excited when I get a sample of this.


When I opened the package, I did not find strong scent. When I make a whip, I found posh and gentle smell.

If you are a big fan of this “Cherry’s Personal Product Reviews”, you may know how I dislike perfumed skin care items. But unfortunately, there are less perfumed face washes.

Yes, this Suqqu’s face wash includes perfume, I am wondering they changed the scent. Previous foamed face wash was with quite posh, but simply, neat and clean smell. Anyhow, this is the perfectly different from cheap face washes.

In this formula of Enrich Foaming Wash, it is also posh and neat, but something different flower, as I remember.


SUQQU Enrich Foam Wash

Drop few dew of water and whip. You can make this rich bubble easily on your palm.  When you wash your face, do not touch your face directly, how to say in English… do like this [face/ foam/ hands]. To do this, you need quite RICH foam.

When I use cheap one, I have to take amount of paste — 1.5 – 2 cm, and that is not pretty big amount, each makers recommends 3 cm.

But I need this less than 1 cm of this Suqqu. The price of Suqqu is, yes, almost 10 times more expensive than Biore or Dove, but actually it costs 5 times.

My skin afterward

When I use some strong face washes like Awake or THREE, I pretty like the feeling of clean, and freshness, but there is a huge problem that my skin afterward is tending to be drier. This Suqqu clean my skin VERY WELL, but it keeps my skin WELL MOIST!!! This is quite important isn’t it?

Indeed, in this formula, or recent of my skin condition, it is stronger than Fancl. I do not say this is for oily skin, but maybe for normal – combination skin.

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