THREE Balancing Emulsion is a light texture, and excellent for oily/ combination skin :)

Hazelnuts of Philippines bought a skin care kit “THREE Greeting Kit”, and she shared us her review of THREE Balancing Emulsion.

Review by Hazelnuts (described in 2017)

Continuing my experience with the THREE Greeting Skincare kit, I will be sharing my thoughts on the Balancing Emulsion.

This one boasts of 97% naturally-derived ingredients, and like the rest of the Balancing line, it has bergamot, frankincense, rosemary and sandalwood oil, botanical water from apple fruit, rose geranium, and extracts of cucumber, bitter melon, and gambir, among others.

Three Balancing Emulsion 2

I apply this after cleansing and toning. This moisturizer has a light texture, excellent for oily/combination skin, because it feels light and non-greasy. I love how it spreads easily onto the skin. It penetrates quite well, and the texture is pleasantly light and moist. It makes my skin really soft.

As with other Three skincare products, I inhale the herbal scent deeply, and it makes me feel soothed and relaxed.

This emulsion is really good. When I’m too lazy to do my skincare routine, I apply this after washing and I’m okay for the rest of the day. It works as a daytime moisturizer, because it eliminates dry patches on my skin and helps my makeup stay put. But because of the herbal scent, I also love using this at night, because of its calming effect.

I did not experience any breakout or redness while using this moisturizer, and I just love how it absorbs easily after applying. This is probably one of my favorites from the Balancing line, because it makes my skin soft and it’s so easy to apply.

Take note for those with sensitive skin though, because it has a distinct scent as with other Three products, and as mentioned before, “natural” does not mean mild. Most of the time these herbal extracts are quite “strong” and it may or may not work well with those who have sensitive skin. But for those with normal, combination or oily skin, it maybe a good choice because of its light texture.

Anyone looking for a good moisturizer will love this.

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Review by Cherry (described in 2014)

This THREE Balancing Emulsion is from THREE Skin Care Kit 2013. Let me (Cherry) review this item.
Balancing Emulsion
As previous formula, this has fabulous scent; Rosemary and Orange. I am in love with this smell! It make me refresh! This is the best effect of this emulsion done on my skin.

As the emulsion itself, no stinger, not pretty oily, but moist my skin well. I tried previous version’s Refreshing on early summer, I felt it was too oily for summer. In this formula, I do not feel it is not pretty oily, but I do not know how I will feel in summer.


Note: described in 2017

Last year of 2016, I had bought a Summer Kit or something for myself, and used this emulsion too.
I felt something sting, and I need to admit it is “too strong” for my current skin. As Hazelnuts of Philippines had described, “natural” does not mean mild. If you have sensitive skin, be aware.

If you do not have sensitive skin, there will be no problem. This emulsion is less oily with nice scent.

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