Pola Moistissimo Cleansing Cream is easy to remove my waterproof makeup

I often ask my friends what are their favorite cosmetics, one of the new product is this Pola Moistissimo.

She bought a small bottles kit for vacation, but she did not use this cleansing cream, makeup remover. She gave me a small tube. I am almost done with this remover, and had thought I had already uploaded my review, but seems I did not. It is the time to do 🙂

pola facial cleansing cream

Talking with some of our customers, they are thinking cleansing cream is also a face wash, yes, there are several products what are all-in-one makeup remover and face wash.

This Moistissimo Cleansing Cream is a creamy makeup remover. I strongly recommend to use your face wash after this makeup remover.

Let me show you.

This “cream” is simply white cream, and the perfume is strong, they claims it is the scent of cherry blossom, but as I know it is not, anyway, the scent it strong, but it fades quickly after your face wash. For me, it was not a big deal.


In this time, my makeup are

  • SUQQU Lucent Powder Foundation
  • SUQQU Pure Color Blush #06 (can you see? yeah, I could not show you well, so I did not use this version of picture)
  • letters are by Coffret D’or Super Sharp

Coffret D’or super sharp is a waterproof eyeliner.

pola makeup remover

I wanna show you is whether it is easy to remover that waterproof letters. In my experience, I took really a lot. Sometimes when the quantity is not enough, they are not good at removing.

pola on arm

Yeah, too much? haha, maybe.

When I wiped my arm by the cotton, it was really cleared.

pola aftweward


Using on my face, I was really satisfied with this makeup remover. My skin condition is better, and I often apply waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. I apply this makeup remover a lot, and remove these items really well.

My skin afterward of wiped, it is really greasy. There are no dry but really greasy. I need to wash my face by my face wash.

I liked it pretty much, but seems they have “whiteisimo” for Spring-Summer. It maybe one of the next products what I may use.

We are wondering whether we are going to deal this product regularly or not. If you want to have this, please feel free to ask us.