Record of THREE Skincare Kits — order us while our pre-order period

THREE is one of the brands our customers are often order, both of their makeup and skincare. They often sell some small bottles kit as season.

There are some pictures what we had uploaded previously.

Summer — often called as “Travel Kit”

In early summer, they often sell a kit, small bottles only, and they are often called “travel kit”. The sales month is June, as I remember.

We bought some kits, and I bought in person and took pictures to record.

In case of 2013.

THREE Travel Kit 2013
It is a Three’s travel kit.

THREE Travel Kit 2013

It was pretty hard to obtain this kit. We had some orders of this kit, and to be honest, I was afraid that I could not obtain few and mine. But actually we could obtain all of the orders. Good! But we had to rid it off from the list on the day of the first sale.

Anyhow, in the box, there are a poach(which is bigger than I had expected), shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, emulsion, make-up remover, face wash, and sheet masks (which I am not showing in here). It is definitely a good cost performance kit.

Holiday season kit

In holiday season, they also sell a kit, and the season is late of Nov – early of Dec.


in 2016, it was called “Greeting Kit”.
I did not bought it for myself, but Hazelnuts of Philippines bought this kit, and I took a record.

There were three big parts. First is a poach. “something” are inside.
Greeting Kit 2016

Sheet mask.

THREE Sheet mask in the Greeting Kit 2016

Highlight: Makeup remover

THREE Cleansing Oil in the Greeting Kit 2016

And let me show you the inside of the poach.

Greeting Kit 2016

Face Wash, Lotion, Emulsion, eye lotion, face cream, eye cream, and SQ oil.

Let me show you the example of the shipping 🙂

Greeting Kit 2016


I also bought this kit for myself, and here is a record of  example of shipping of 2013.

THREE Kit 2013

All of they are checked by us, and sealed. They are called “masking tape’ in here, and they are pretty easy to rid of, and not give damage to the product. This is pretty good.

The box was wrapped. of course.
THREE kit 2013

The included were below.

Shampoo & conditioner, full bottle of THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil,face wash,  emulsion, lotion, SQ oil and Cream.

There are some kits too

There are some kits, in early spring and autumn, and as I remember I bought for myself for 2015, but seems it is a little bit difficult to find now.

Pre-order only

For those products, we are going to accept your pre-order only.

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