Albion Infinesse Melting Deep Cleanse IA is not good at removing long-lasting makeup

Review by Cherry

I got a sample of Albion Infinesse Melting Deep Cleanse IA, what is a makeup remover.

Albion Infinesse Melting Cleanse IA

Please let me share with my review with you.

My makeup are below:

  • Primer: Chicca
  • Foundation: Chicca
  • Eyeshadow: Lunasol
  • Mascara: Lunasol
  • Lip: Lunasol
  • Eyeliner: THREE
  • Letters: Coffret D’or Super Sharp

Albion Infinesse Melting Deep Cleanse IA

I had expected this is by a cream, but I was surprised this was a gel.

I have less nice experience with gel makeup removers, they often make my skin too much dry, and they are not good at removing waterproof items. In this time, with this Infinesse melting cleanse, letters written by Kanebo Coffret D’or and burgundy mascara by Lunasol, they are not easy to rid off by those waterproof products.

Can you see there are no marks of not removed things.

Albion Infinesse Melting

Unlike my exception, it removed well.

Albion Infinesse Melting Deep

But I need to note I had to “massage” many times to do.

It removes my makeup well, but I had thought I should not use this when I use waterproof items. When I used this with my light makeup, I did not feel it was pretty much good for my waterproof makeup.

Review by Lukin

Lukin of the States bought a kit of Albion Infinesse White line. She wrote reviews for us. Thank you Lukin, and see how she felt.

I experimented with the Albion Infinesse product line, including Infinesse White. Please continue reading for the individual products I tried.

First, I used the Infinesse Melting Deep Cleanse IA for makeup removal.

Infinesse Melting and Smooth Whip

I very much wanted to love this product. It’s a thick jelly that starts to melt as soon as it touches your warm skin. The product applied smoothly to my face. Sadly, it did not remove all of my facial makeup.

Often, I wear long-lasting makeup. This cleanser was not deep enough for me. If someone wears only a bit of makeup ? powder and check color ? I believe it might work better for that type of makeup removal.

On the first try, I wanted to see if it would remove my waterproof mascara. Do not try this! It did not work, but I did look silly in the mirror after trying.


Thank you Lukin! THIS is the very I do not recommend gel makeup removers! For me, it removed well, but needed to “massage” many times.

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