Personal Review of Albion Infinesse White Line

We asked Lukin of the States to review Infinesse White products.

See, how she felt.

I experimented with the Albion Infinesse product line, including Infinesse
White. Please continue reading for the individual products I tried.

Infinesse Melting Deep Cleanse IA & Smoothing Whip Wash IA

Infinesse Melting and Smooth Whip

Infinesse Soothing Whip Wash IA

Since the Melting Deep Cleanse wasn’t for me, I was ready to try the Infinesse Soothing Whip Wash IA. Fortunately, it cleaned off the Melting cleanser and most of my makeup. When I used the Soothing Whip Wash as the only makeup remover, it felt good but is not enough for me. Finally, I tried using a makeup remover that worked well in the past and followed with the Soothing Whip.

I LOVE how this facial wash feels and how my skin feels when I am done washing.

First, this Whip Wash is so creamy.

Again, I learned the hard way – do not use too much wash! Only a little bit of product is needed for your entire
face. This product is rich and doesn’t produce much later.

That is okay with me. It felt nice to massage the wash into my skin – reminded me of receiving a facial. Because it is rich, more effort and water are necessary to remove the Whip wash. Once rinsed, my skin felt alive! It was not a tingle or a sting. It was as if I could feel the cells of my facial skin and they felt happy! The feeling was not tight, as it can be without moisturizer.

Infinesse White Whitening Milk IA & Infinesse White Whitening Lotion IA


Infinesse White Whitening Milk IA

The next step was the Infinesse White Whitening Milk IA. I quickly discovered the Milk is a liquid and it is easy to pour too much. As I applied the Milk, it didn’t feel like my skin was absorbing it. Hhhmmmm….

Infinesse White Whitening Lotion IA

Onto the Infinesse White Whitening Lotion IA The consistency is difficult to describe.

It was was thicker than the Milk but not as thick as a serum. Sometimes, I am not sure if I am using the products in the correct order.

Anyway, the Lotion feels cool as I apply it to my skin. My skin feels nourished but perhaps I need something for moisturizing.


Note by Cherry

Thank you Lukin!

Melting Deep Cleanse IA — THIS is the very I do not recommend gel makeup removers! For me, it removed well, but needed to “massage” many times. See also Cherry’s Personal Review of Albion Infinesse Melting Deep Cleanse IA

Smoothing Whip Wash IA — It is good to hear Likin liked this. I also like it, but not pretty unique as Japanese face wash. If you wanna see the “whip” please see also Cherry’s Personal Review of Albion Infinesse Smoothing Whip Wash IA

Whitening Milk IA — Sad to here it is not for Lukin. For me, this is better than other Albion milks, but worst as the perfume… 🙁 Probably this comparison is better to see, Cherry’s Comparing Albion Exage White White Pure Milk VS Infinesse White Whitening Milk IA

Whitening Lotion IA — She had mentioned as she needed other moisturizer, and this is not the final step of Albion. There is a Merano Resistance X, as the designed final step, but when she got the package, it was before the renewal of this, it was called as “ Merano Resistance IA”, we told her that no need of review this Resistance IA. Seems I did not write a review for this product.


Lukin used a trial set. Please check the latest price, and order from here: You can enjoy Infinesse white set too!Albion Infiness White W TRIAL SET X, or in JPY Branch