Shade Swatch of Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation and Emulsion Compact Foundation

We have some questions from one of the repeaters of us.

The shade of Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation and Emulsion Compact Foundations. She asked me that Compacts are darker than Superior Cream Foundation of the very the same number.

Oh…I do not know. I asked one of the girls who likes Albion, but she does not know.

Finally, we could correct both the sample of NA201.

Albion Excia AL Foundations


Left: Moist Emulsion Compact VX NA201, Right: Superior Cream Foundation NA201.


Let me apply on my arm.

NA201 on arm

How do you feel about? It is so true that the shade looks different, but I feel this is because the type is different. Superior Cream is just ball on my arm, and Emulsion is pasted.

Let me blend on my arm. Can you see the difference? I took the picture in my room in the window side, on a rainy day.

NA201 blend

How do you feel about this picture? I admit Emulsion Compact seems a little bit, quite a little bit darker than Superior Cream. I also felt the finish of those foundations are different: Superior Cream is more glow, and Compact is more matte compared each other. I suppose some people are describing about this difference as Emulsion Compact is darker than Superior Cream.


We got a picture from one of the customer who bought both Superior Cream and Emulsion Compact, what she bought were NA200. She also ordered Kanebo Twany Century the Foundation N too. She also applied on her arm. Thank you Q!


Do you feel they are so much different shades? The first time I saw this, I felt there are less difference, just a difference of the layers. It can be different when they were blended.

Of course, they are the different products, different formula, different finish and different coverage, I guess it is hard to have perfectly the same shade in the very same number. Indeed, I felt the difference is quite small, and I do not care so much about this in person. 😀

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