SUQQU Designing Color Eyes

#06 Yoibeni

Still SUQQU Designing Color Eyes is one of the best seller in Japan. #06 Yoibeni is new for AW2017. A friend of mine bought #06 Yoibeni, and she let me review this for the blog.

Quickly I show you some.

To be honest, this two upper are not easy to take photos. However both are beautifully with small posh glitters.

My first makeup idea.

  1. Applying A on whole of your eyelids
  2. B on the upper eyelid
  3. D as the eyeliner

My second makeup idea.

  1. A on whole of your eyelids
  2. B on the upper eyelid
  3. D and C as eyeliners

Do you have any idea?? :))

The girl who bought this, she told me that she will use this for daily use (A, B, and D), like in her office. C is somehow special parties :))

#04 Ayanadeshiko

As of Spring of 2017, SUQQU Designing Color Eyes is one of the best seller in Japan, and hard to obtain, especially #04 Ayanadeshiko.
SUQQU Ayanadeshiko
There are long line to be shipped, and finally I bought one for myself. And as of 12th of April, they are already sold out again.

Let me show you the swatch first.

ayanadeshiko right

Can you see exactly?

I took another photo of this (of course the same order) with different contrast of the right.

ayanadeshiko swatch

It is difficult to show you what exactly I am seeing.

  • The top (1) is really beautiful posh glitter of white-pink
  • Second (2) is a little bit gold / brown pink with posh glitter
  • Third (3) is a posh pink with small glitter
  • The bottom (4) is reddish brown gold with less glitter

Horizontal using all of the colors

Let me show you my idea of horizontal.


  • Apply 2 on whole of the upper eye lids
  • 3 is for under eyes
  • 4 for double eye lids
  • 1 for the mid of the upper eye lids
  • with my burgundy eyeliner (discontinued THREE)

May show you the vertical idea later.

Horizontal with 2 colors

The next idea is using 2 colors. This is what I often do.

SUQQU Ayanadeshiko

  • Apply 3 for whole of your eye lids
  • Draw 4 on your double eye lids
  • with my burgundy eyeliner (discontinued THREE)

This is really simple, but gorgeous for under sunshine of Spring!

Slanting with 3 colors

This is also what I often use.

SUQQU Ayanadeshiko

Because I have drier eyes, I often drop eye drops, I do not use powder eyeliners. If you can use powder eyeliners/ non-waterproof eyeliners, you can use the darkest (4) as your eyeliner.

The left is nose.

  • Place 2 for whole of your eye lids
  • place 3 for slanting from upper right to lower left
  • draw 1 for your under eyelids


Final is vertical.

SUQQU Ayanadeshiko

  • Apply 2 whole of your eyelids
  • 4 is the corner to the center
  • smudge
  • 1 for the center
  • 3 for the under eyelids

The eyeliner is ADDICTION (discontinued)

Please check the latest price, and order from here:”SUQQU Designing Color Eyes