Albion Eclaftutur is lightweight and not thick

Review by Cherry

I had thought I had done with my review of a full bottle. I had done with few months ago, but seems I did neither describe nor take photos to record. Ah, wired…

Let me show you my review with samples.

albion ecrafutur

Exlafutur is a serum, a booster.

albion essence

The serum itself is a smooth, but as the Albion product, this has stronger perfume.

When my skin is a little bit damaged, I felt sting, and stopped to use, but generally, when my skin is healthier, there are anything uncomfortable.

This product is a booster, but I dislike applying too many items for my face. And this product “moisturize “ pretty well, I rarely use lotion and emulsions after this product.

Indeed I may not buy a full bottle of this again.

How to say, I felt my skin was wrapped by something like vinyl. Yeah, my skin afterward was really “smooth on the surface”, but not what I am looking for.

This product is not harmful for me, simply this is not what I am looking for.

Albion Eclafture, or in JPY Branch

Review by Lukin of the States

I began using the Albion Eclafutur.
Eclafutur serum

This product is a serum and is designed to help repair damaged skin cells. The consistency is lightweight and not thick. It felt luxurious to apply the product to my face ? very elegant and expensive! As you press the serum into your skin, it becomes thinner and more like a liquid.

Albion Eclafture, or in JPY Branch