Albion Eclafutur is lightweight and not thick

Albion changed their good reputation serum/ pre-lotion, Ecrafutur to Ecrafutur d on Oct 2018.

I obtained the sample, and let me show you how I felt.

Ecratfture d

Eclafutur d is a serum/ booster, designed to help repair damaged skin cells.

The serum itself is a smooth, but as the Albion product, this has stronger perfume, what is the very same with the previous formula.

The consistency is lightweight and not thick. As you press the serum into your skin, it becomes thinner and more like a liquid.

Currently, my skin condition is almost perfect as the season (Autumn), there are nothing irritation, fortunately.

In previous formula, I had done with a full bottle, when my skin is a little bit damaged, I felt sting, and stopped to use, but generally, when my skin is healthier, there are anything uncomfortable.

This product is a booster, but I dislike applying too many items for my face. And this product “moisturize “ pretty well, I rarely use lotion and emulsions after this product.

In previous formula, I felt my skin was wrapped by something like vinyl. Yeah, my skin afterward was really “smooth on the surface”, but not what I am looking for.

In this formula. I did not feel so much wired thing. Guess oils are better for my current skin condition and season, but this product is also not bad.

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