Albion Excia Embeage Whitening Milk is moisturize well, and contains Tranexamic acid

Albion is released Embeage line in AW2016.

In the season of SS2017, they are going to release Embeage Whitening line. I obtained samples of Embeage Whitening Milk (seems there are no lotion), let me review for this. I may compare this milk and Excia AL Whitening Milk Extra Rich Milk SV later.

The scent of Albion items are strong. Excia AL Renewing is better, but I liked Embeage more than Renewing. It is a little bit different perfume from Excia AL Renewing and Whitening, and Embeage and Embeage Whitening are also different perfume, they will be categorized as the same kind, but significantly, different. And I like Embeage more.

Anyway the milk itself.

embeage white

According to Albion, this milk is “medicated”, it means it contains Tranexamic acid for brightening effect.

It is not released yet, and I could not find reviews. For me, it was just using a sample, and I do not find so much big difference.

I need to say it moisturized my skin pretty well. I do not think it is too much for my dry skin, but it will be too oily for the person who has normal skin.

Just for your information, yes, this product is oily, and if you are an oil prone, please keep you steps away from not only this product, but also all of the products under Albion.

Totally to say, it moisturized my skin pretty well, but I am not sure for the brightening effect. It is designed for Summer, but it may be for heavier for normal skin, but good for dry skin. Or if you want to use brightening milks and also need moisturizer in drier season, it will be one of the solution.

Comparing with Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV

I just bought Excia Whitening Milk, Extra Rich for myself. I did a comparison.

Excia Ebeage

Some Japanese reviewers are saying it boosts their beauty much more then Excia Whitening.

Please see also my review for Excia AL Whitening Milk.

I applied them on each of the faces, but to be honest, I could not find so much big difference between them, excluding the perfume.

And probably my current skin condition is not fitting to the Albion, I felt 3 pushes for one side is too much quantity (When my skin is damaged I often apply this quantity), after few hours later, I found there are so many white dusts on my face, and the Embeage side is much more then SV side. You can apply as your favorite quantity, but pleas do not use too much.

Anyway, if you are wondering whether Embeage Whitening Milk or Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Mil SV, you can choose your budget and the perfume. If you are satisfied with Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV, you have no need to switch to this, I am sure.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Excia Embeage Line