Albion Excia Embeage Extra Milk

Albion changed their Excia Embeage Milk to Excia Embeage Extra Milk in AW2021.

I got samples, and let me share with you how I felt.

I am feeling they did not change the main “image” of their perfume. When you are first time to finding information about Albion/ Cosme Decorte milk/ emulsion, I need to note that they use strong perfume. In this Embeage line, I remind it reminds me that “cosmetic stores smell”. It is artificial scent.

Also, I am not even an oil prone, you can say I prefer oilier products for my drier-combination skin. Those line is not for those who are an oil prone.

When you are not familiar with their skin care method, please see also: Albion Skin Care Method.


Comparing with Albion Excia Radiance Renew Extra Rich Milk

I took all of the package for Embeage, and Seems Radiance side is too much to comparison!

Excia Embeage extra rich milk

In previous formula, I had noted that I felt Embeage is more oilier than Excia AL Renewing Extra Rich Milk SV. Indeed in this comparison, there are not so much different, it can be due to the quantity that I found I took too much for this Radiance Renew Extra Rich Milk side.

I bet I would feel Embeage side were oilier if I would compare them with perfectly the same quantity.

So, when you regularly use Excia Radiance Renew Extra Rich Milk, and feel it is not enough oily for you, you have no need to change it to this Embeage. When you feel Albion Milk is too rich/ less oily, I recommend to try to change the quantity.

Previously, I liked the scent of Embeage than Excia AL Renewing, but Excia Radiance Renew Extra Rich Milk has better scent than Excia AL Renewing, I would choose by the price 🙂

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Comparing with Excia Embeage Brightening Extra Milk

I also got samples of Embeage Brightening Extra Milk, new for SS2022.

embeage 2

Embeage Extra Milk is more oilier than Embeage Brightening Extra Milk, generally. Both get smooth soon, but Embeage Extra Milk side is a little bit oilier.

When you feel Embeage Extra Milk is too much, I think Embeage Extra Brightening Extra Milk is try worth.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Excia Embeage Line