Fancl Enrich Plus Emulsion sinks immediately leaves it soft

In Sep 2021, Fancl changes “Enrich” line to “Enrich Plus”, they made new formula as medicated for wrinkle care.

FANCL is a brand of paraben-free formulas. It seems quite basic and even their packaging is fuss-free.

I got several samples of Enrich Plus #02 Moist, let me share how I felt.

Seems the bottle design is not pretty changed.

In current formula of Fancl, they are using pumps for the emulsions. I think it is a good idea for the hygiene.

fancl enrich emulsion

I felt there are not pretty big difference from the previous formula.

I found the texture to be lightweight and moderately moisturizing, as previous formulas. It was runny, not too thick. It is oilier, but it is different from Albion/ Cosme Decorte milks. Compared this Fancl with them, it is lighter, or less oilier. Indeed I don’t know whether it is good for those who are oil prone.

It sinks immediately into the skin and leaves it soft. My skin felt comfortable afterwards. I personally think that this is a very basic, lightweight moisturizer that relieves temporary dryness.

Its lotion is moisturizing well and sticky, the combination of Fancl Enrich Plus Emulsion #2 and Fancl Enrich Plus Lotion 2 are too much. I should better to apply them with less quantity for daily.

The full bottle is designed for 4 weeks/ 28 days, and small to carry for traveling. As you know hotels are so dry!  I needed a heavier moisturizer to counteract dryness!

Some days I was too tired and busy traveling that I do not put anything in my face while my traveling. As expected, the cold Autumn weather and dry room made my skin dry and I found my matte foundation or makeup clinging to dry patches on my cheeks. I was also out in the sun for too long and even with sunblock, my skin got dehydrated from sun exposure.

I used this Fancl emulsion generously for several nights after several bouts of skin dryness.

Another nice thing about this is that I did not experience irritations or breakouts while using this. My skin was still clear, and my only problem was dryness. It is a good moisturizer that I will keep on using!

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