Albion Flarune Hydro Bomb

Albion had discontinued Exage line, and now it is changed to Flarune line.

Finally I got a small bottle of their lotion: Albion Flarune Hydro Bomb. Let me show you how I felt.

There are one type of lotion.

Their recommend is apply this on cotton. The texture is watery and runny.

albion flarune hydro bomb

It is May, my skin is still drier.

Skin Conditioner Essential is a famous product by Albion. But in person, for my skin what is sensitive, its alcohol is too much. One of the friends of mine really likes Skin Conditioner Essential, I say it is just not for me.

But other lotions by Albion, like Excia or Infiness, they are less problem even now.

Exage was with cheap floral perfume, but in this Flarune is herbal, and I like this scent more than Exage. But it is Albion. On the depth of the scent, I found Alcohol. It is really up to products with smell of Alcohol, when I feel sting.

Fortunately, there are I did not feel those irritation.

It is light texture, and what I like. But sadly, it is for oily-combination skin, I am sure. I did not feel my skin was enough moisturized.

If you skin is quite sensitive to Alcohol, they are not for you. I am prone to Alcohol, but less problem with Albion lotions (excluding Skin Conditioner Essential and Ignis Sunny Sour).

Please also check the latest price and order from here:” Albion Flarune Line”.