Abion Flarune Bright Squash

Albion had discontinued Exage White line, and now it is changed to Flarune Bright line.

I got samples of its lotion, Abion Flarune Bright Squash, let me show you how I felt.

Albion recommends to use cotton when you apply their lotions. But I regularly do with my palm 😀

Albion Flarune Bright Squash

Albion’s lotions are with Alcohol, and my skin is Alcohol prone, it has something strong Alcohol smell with herbal scent.

It was good that I do not feel stinging from this Albion Flarune Bright Squash lotion, AFTER applying Albion milks, in other hand, when I felt STRONG stinging with applying it just after my face wash. Also it does not make my skin moisturized well. I need something moisturizers, maybe even in mid summer.

Maybe not for me. I was hesitated to use this line, because there are some products with MentholPeppermint extract, and Eucalyptus Extract. I am prone of them, and seem there are neither of them in this lotion.

Seems there are some reviewers who had stinging with this lotion and this line. Probably those people are too sensitive to use this line, as Albion, it has low reputation among Japanese reviewers.

When you are looking for gentle and light lotion with herbal scent, guess Albion Flarune Hydro Bomb is better for you. See also: Flarune Hydro Bomb.

Please check the latest price and order from here: “Albion Flarune Bright Line”.