Albion Excia Cleansing Solid Balm

I got a small bottle of Albion Excia Cleansing Solid Balm, let me show you how I felt.

In makeup removers, I like Oil/ Cream/Balm type more than Liquid type. This one is not bad.

As a balm, I guess it is harder than I had expected.

Albion Excia Solid Balm

I am not sure whether there are something spatulas in a full bottle, I strongly recommend to use with your spatula.

The scent is not strong, and also I like Excia’s scent.

The makeups are below.

The RMK Mascara is one of the hardest to remove, what I am keeping it to show how those makeup removers are removing things hard to remove :))

Albion Excia Solid Cleansing Balm

It was in early summer day, and slightly chilly. I got gooseflesh.

This solid balm melts on my body temprature…not quickly. Also it removes my makeups not badly. I need to admit it took time to remove the RMK Mascara more than I had expected. When I rinse well, and apply face wash, even the RMK Mascara was removed perfectly.

I admit that I felt something slightly oily afterward of this makeup remover and my Fancl face. I’d better to use a little bit stronger face wash.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Albion Excia Line.