Albion Herbal Oil Gold is a nice cosmetic oil

I had thought I had reviewed Albion Herbal Oil Gold, before, but actually seems I did not.

Recently I got some samples again, and let me review this product.

It is still drier in Japan (of course not so much drier as I know comparing Northern Midwest of the States or Middle Europe!), I always need something moisturizer, both watery and oily.

For my skin, Albion’s another cosmetic oil Excia SECRET FORMULA OIL EMERALD was no good for me. When the BC of Albion tried to push me to the sample of that Emerald, I told her that “I felt sting by this Emerald thing!” She changed samples to this Herbal Oil Gold and told me that “This Herbal Oil Gold is milder than Emerald”.

I had used this before, long ago, and I had better image in this Herbal Oil Gold. When my skin condition is better (not perfect, just better as the season), I opened this.

Herbal Oil Gold

The oil itself is “yellow”, and this is what “Gold” they describe.

There is something scent, I need to say I felt it is something artificial, but the scent is gone quickly.

Albion claims that this oil is not for face but also hair and body, the quantity of the package is a lot for the face, apply the left for your hair or body.

Fortunately, I did not feel any irritation by this oil, unlike Emerald Oil.

It is also true that the quantity in the package is too much for my face, and it was good to use for my hair.

According to Albion, apply this oil before of the lotion, it will work for the booster, but I say apply this when you want to.

My skin was well moisturized by the oil.

If you are looking for something cosmetic oils, I say this can be one of the solution.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Herbal Oil Gold