Etvos Clear Bar Soap is a  basic facial cleansing bar

We gave a small size of Etvos Clear Bar Soap Hazelnuts of Philippines who LOVES soaps. This soap is too strong for my use. I have dry skin, and she has oily-combination. I had thought it will be nice for her.
See how she felt.

I received a small sample of the Etvos Clear Bar Soap and I would like to share my thoughts on it.

This soap is packed with moisturizing ingredients, such as ceramide, Lipidure, and snow fungus polysaccharide. It helps the skin retain moisture while it washes away dirt from the pores.  It is also free from preservatives, parabens, synthetic surfactants and other chemicals, which makes it natural and eco-friendly.

The first thing I noticed is that this soap has no discernible scent. Other fragrance-free products can be labeled as such, but they still emit some kind of odor. For this one, I did not smell anything at all. The transparent bar is quite hard, so it doesn’t melt easily.

Etvos Clear Bar Soap 2
The lather is soft, but I can make a considerable amount of foam using foaming net. I have oily skin and this clears away oil and dirt pretty well. After washing, my face does not feel tight. It helps retain moisture to a certain extent, but it does not feel particularly moisturizing. I feel that it is a good face wash for everyday use, but I still need cleansing oil to remove my makeup. My face feels clean and soft after washing.

This is a  basic facial cleansing bar if you don’t want anything fussy or if you are looking for a mild face soap with no irritating ingredients. I personally think it is a safe choice for oily skin, and it’s nothing fancy and has no other properties such as brightening or anti-aging. I would have liked a bit of scent to it (because it makes face washing more enjoyable in my opinion) and I am not allergic to fragrance, but I guess it would defeat the soap’s purpose, which is to be a natural mild soap. Still, I think it is a good bar soap for cleansing and removing oil and dirt from the face.
Thank you very much, Hazelnuts!

We do not deal this brand regularly, and custom order only. If you want to have a product from this brand, please feel free to ask us to tell these information 1) the name of specific product name, 2) quantity, 3) the country where we need to ship to.