Etvos Moisturizing Serum outranks famous high-end serums!

Sarah of the States ordered some Etvos items, and she write reviews for us. Thank you vert much, Sarah!

First is Etvos Moisturizing Serum. I (Cherry) also reviewed this serum. (See also Etvos Moisturizing line is moisturized with ceramide)

As someone in my late 20s, I’ve decided to add a serum into my daily nightly routine because I hope it can serve as a preventative measure against the wrinkles that come with my impending 30s. (haha).

I have pretty sensitive skin where it usually does not react well to products that are heavily fragranced, or products that have a lot of “natural/organic” ingredients. I saw that this serum was pretty highly rated on (great Japanese beauty/skincare product ranking site), so I decided to make the purchase.

I love this serum a lot.

Etvos Serum on arm

I was initially a bit apprehensive about how my skin would react because I saw that one of the ingredients was “lavender flower water.” However, having used it for several weeks now, and without any allergic reaction, I think my sensitive skin is enjoying the beneficial ingredients in the serum.

Some of the wonderful ingredients include 5 different types of ceramides, squalane, and a range of different amino acids. Moreover, this serum is not super expensive. Having tried some skincare serums from some of the more famous high-end brands (like Sisley-Paris and Dior), I would say this serum outranks all of them since it has ingredients that are actually good for your skin.

The consistency is sort of like a watery-gel, and it does not feel sticky or heavy, and it doesn’t take long to dry. ☺

Thank you very much, Sarah!

In person, I like their lotion and cream more than the serum 🙂

If you want to have this serum, or other Etvos items, please feel free to ask us. (We are still wondering whether we are dealing this as regularly.)