Fancl Enrich Plus Lotion

Fancl changed the formula of “Fancl Enrich Lotion” to “Fancl Enrich Plus Lotion”  in Sep 2021.

Still the bottle design is orange one, and I got several samples of the Enrich Lotion & Emulsion.

Let me share how I felt.

As I remember, the Active Conditioning EX Lotion #2 Moist, and Enrich Lotion #2 Moist were sticky.

enrich plus lotion

In this formula of 2021, it is also sticky. When you dislike sticky lotions, I don’t recommend this product for you. It moisturise well, and it would be enough without oily emulsions in Summer for me.

There are no perfume, and currently my skin condition is good. I am feeling it is well moisturizing my skin, without any of stinging sensation.

Indeed I am feeling this #2 is too rich to using on my face on Morning. For night care, it can be nice.

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