Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box; Dec 2013

Yesterday, we had done with all the shipment of our first Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box; LOOK AT ME.

There are no junks, of course! All of they are for Japanese girl’s daily use.

From the left;
Maquiallge Eye Color BE213
Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize PK421
Visse Color Impact Gel Liner BL900 Navy
Facio Ultra Curl Lock Mascara Long

Originally, Maquiallge Eye Color is drawn the letters “Maquiallge”, but I had forgot to take photo before  applying my arm! Sorry, it is a little bit messy.


You can use this product as an eyeshadow primer. But there are glitters. Of course you can apply this eyeshadow as a single shadow. You can make gradation by your fingers pretty easily.

Majolica Majorca

We often call this brand as “majo”.

This pink is too strong? No. It is elegant on my arm. There are quite small glitters, but compared with the Maquiallge which I used as a primer in this time, you may find less glitters.

Of course you can make gradation so easily. When I draw stronger, I have to admit it is too punched pink.


This “gel” liner is a pencil type. Some this kind of eyeliners are neither retractable nor refillable, like Shu Uemura Lasting Soft Gel Pencil. But this Visse is a retractable, but not refillable.

Let me show you on my arm.

Hmm, Pink and Navy are better combination, I am sure, but seems this Majo and Visse combination looks bad. When you use this Visse, please apply with Maquiallge without Visse.


Facio is a makeup brand by Kose, there are many items. But it is famous as mascaras.

This curled tip is easy to apply. I guess volume type is more popular than long type, but we do not have a record of the sales of volume type, the order record of the mascaras are long type only. So we chose this long type.

They are nice aren’t they??

Do you have interest on the Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box? Please order from the next box from here;”Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box“. Or “Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box in JPY Branch“.