Lukin’s Shade Swatch of Albion Tight Film Foundation

We got a new post by Lukin, an American Girl. We gave her two samples of Albion Tight Film Foundation. The shades are #040 and #050.

Albion Tight Film Foundation

You may notice these swatches are different than the others. “Tight Film”
is the perfect name! the reason the swatches are narrow (especially
compared to some wide swatches of foundation) is because the foundation
wanted to adhere to my skin and stay there.

It was easy to swatch – my finger didn’t slide around like with other
formulas. Is it suppose to firm the face? I felt like where I placed the
color on my arm — it was going to stay there. On facial skin, I think a
“tight” feeling would be noticeable to the person. Would anyone else see
your “tight” face skin? probably not.

This is one of the more unique foundation formulas I have tried. Since the
colors are too dark, I did not apply it to my face, I wanted to feel it!

Also #050 appears warmer (more yellow) to my eye.


Thank you Lukin!

Hope this helps you have fair light skin!

Cherry also show you blended swatch on her arm of Albion Tight Film Foundation #040 and #050.

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