Personal Review of Albion Facial Cotton

Let me introduce a girl who are helping me to review — Lukin. She is from the States, living in the States now. As I remember she had not gone to out of the States. I know how wide the States is. She gave us tons of advices, and we decided to ask her to review some products.

We sent her some of things, and she is doing now. We also sent a sample to ask her how does she feel.

The product is Albion Facial Cotton. This product.
Albion Cotton
We often get the order, especially from the States, but we wondered why. There may be lots of nice cottons in the States too.

Personal Review of Albion Skin Conditioner Essential

Albion recommends to use their Facial Cotton L (soft). There are other 2 cottons Albion is producing, I will tell you about cottons later, but let me show you the proper quantity of this lotion. This size is a sample size.

According to Lukin,

The cottons you sent me are unlike anything I have ever tried. I love them! I do not know of a US company that makes such a product. They are so soft and fluffy! Even the expensive cotton pads I can buy are not as soft. They also “shed” or “shred” leaving little bits of cotton string or tiny bits of cotton fluff — very annoying. So lovely…

Oh. I didn’t know. That’s so true that there are some annoying cottons, itchy things, or leaving tiny bits in Japan too, but I had thought that you can buy nice cottons in the States, and made in States products. If you can not buy in the States, it may be hopeless other people too. As you know I often temporary close the store and go abroad. I LOVE almost backpacking with a suitcase, but I NEVER give up my skin care. I often use cottons, and I always bring from Japan. So, I didn’t know how nice things I am using.

I am giving you the picture of the Albion Facial Cotton L (Soft). There are other 2 cottons Albion is producing, but to be honest, they are sometimes no stock on the stores, and we need ask you to more to ship, so we decided we don’t deal.

Anyway, let me open new package of Albion Facial Cotton L. It is the very the time to open for my personal use.

Albion Cotton

The cotton itself is thin.
Albion Cotton

Cosmetic companies often say “the size of JPY500 coin”, hmm, there are no such a size of coins in the States, as I know — 1 dollars coin?? But I have not seen. For European, guess a little bit bigger than 2 EURs coin.

Albion Cotton

Let me show you my arm after touching.
Albion Cotton
No shed are left on my arm 🙂

120 pieces of cottons are in one package. Because of the original price and the expenses to buy and ship, we are dealing 5 package set only.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Albion Facial Cotton L Soft