Are Cottons are essential?

In here, Japan, many of cosmetics companies are recommending to use cottons to apply their lotion, or emulsion (milk). The typical brands are Shiseido and Albion. On the other hand, like Fancl, some do not recommend to use: apply by your hands.

Albion Infiness VS Excia AL

How should we do?

Just talking with Lukin, American, the quality of cottons are different in the States and in here Japan. Oh.

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It is also true that there are many range of cottons, and they are not always so much expensive and better quality in here too 🙂

There are two main purposes of using cottons, first is the very surface area. Second is removing keratins.

I understand them. But on the other hand, removing keratins means scratching our skin. This is the very con of using cottons.

You can apply products, especially Albion milks without touching your face by cottons directly, but it means you can not remove your too old keratins.

I am feeling there are both reasonable reasons. So? Why don’t you mix them?

I often apply Albion milks on my palm directly.

Albion Milk

Especially while my traveling, my cottons are for lotion pack 🙂

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Back to the story of applying things directly by my palm.

Albion Milk Palm

I put my hands together softly, and spread milks whole of my palm, and wrap my face my my hands. I feel this is the most gentle way to apply those products 😀

Sometimes I apply those by cottons, especially while I take photos to review products! :DDD

Skin care is important, but I do not think it is difficult thing!

Use as you want!