Beauty Tips — Lotion Pack/ Cotton Pack

This is the way I often use cottons for my skincare.

I know some of you, maybe Chinese are LOVE to use “Mask”. I bought some Taiwanese sheet mask when I went to Taiwan. That’s fun to know how locals are doing beauty things. And we Japanese often say “Pack” as those sheet masks. (For us, “mask” is the product to cover your nose to mouth.)

Anyway, I rarely buy those sheet masks in Japan in person. (OH! I often use in my long whole flights!) Why? They are effective, but good things, I mean the “liquid” itself and the sheet,  are so expensive. I wanna use those few times per a week!

So, I use cottons to make masks, which is called as “Cotton Pack” or “Lotion Pack”.

Let me show you the way to do. Ready cottons and lotion what you like, I do not recommend to use so much sticky lotions which you can be hard to sink your lotions. If your favorite lotions are sticky lotions, my recommend is adding water like Avene Water.

As I said before, sink cottons to your favorite lotions. In Albion counters, seems Beauty Councilors are using a small cup to sink, but I often do on my hand. Anyway, make totally wet cotton.

Peel off two (or three) tissues like the picture below.

Cottons are easy to be peeled. In Albion Counter, BCs are paste those tissues on my cheeks. If you want to cover whole of your face, you can make those tissues to put. But I often feel my cheeks/ mouth /eyes are partly dried. So, I put those small tissues to cover my problem points.

Attention, do not sleep with those tissues/ sheet masks, your skin will be dried. Maybe 10-20 mins are limit to do.