Shiseido Benefique Cotton W is a two colors quality cotton for daily use :)

I (Cherry) sometimes do my skincare by my hands, and sometimes I so with cotton.

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I show you which cottons I often use.

I use this one, Shiseido Benefique Cotton W.

In person, I feel this is a little bit pressed harder than Albion’s cotton, it is never hard product, just fitting to my preference, that’s all.

Let me show you about this cotton.

Can you see?

Shiseido Benefique Cotton W

Hmm, hard to show…

How about this!

Benefique Cotton 2 colors

Yes! Left is White color, and Right is Pink. Oh, two kind of cottons in one package?

No. One side is white, the other is pink. You can tear this cotton super easy.

Benefique cotton tear
Oh, but why?

For Lotion Pack

Tear this cotton to use lotion pack/ cotton pack.

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Let me show you.

Apply your favorite lotion on this cotton.

Excia AL Renewing Lotion

(I should better to use more quantity 🙂 )

Tear this cotton 2.

benefique cotton

And apply your cheeks.

Use as other usual cottons

Of course you can use this as usual cottons.

If you wanna wipe your face with cottons when you remove your makeup, you can use this. When I use emulsions/ milks with cottons, I choose this.

Excia AL Renewing Extra Rich Milk

I chose the pink side to show you 🙂

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