Lunasol Under Eyes Concealer is easy to make my skin flawless

Lunasol Under eyes

Let me (Cherry) share with you my concealer which I use recently; Lunasol Under Eyes Concealer (01). As I show you my left eye area on “Personal Review of Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation N“, there are less even skin color in my face.

I am satisfied with Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation N, usually. But I do not satisfied with them when I want to make my face more naturally.

Recently I had told with Japanese Makeup things with one of my best friends in Hong Kong. She wanted to have “Natural” makeup. But seems she misunderstood Natural Makeup is easy, or less steps. NO!

I have to admit there are less artificial colors in “Natural Makeup”. But we need flawless skin. When you could make your skin flawless, I guess it is enough to say you had done with 4/5 of the all the steps of “Natural Makeup”.

What do we need? Yes, concealer. There are lots of concealers in here, but this Lunasol Under Eyes Concealer is one of the most famous concealers, especially for the under eye circles. If you have darker one, you may look tired.

At first, let me show you my skin. Left is naked, and right is with Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation N (102).

Lunasol Under eyes

Apply this concealer V shape like this. Spread it by your finger.
Lunasol Under eyes

How do you think about it? Even if you could not satisfied with my skin only with Suqqu Foundation, you may satisfied with the final.

According to Lunasol, you can apply this on nose, or mouth corners. If you are looking for concealers, this is one of our recommend.

Please check the colors, and price fem here:”Lunasol Under Eyes Concealer“.