For the customers who are looking for Awake Sign Revolution Eye Cream

We recently had few questions of whether we can deal Awake Sign Revolution Eye Cream or not, it is not a couple of questions, as the record there are so many.

Guess it will be the time to tell you that, that product of Awake Sign Revolution Eye Cream is already discontinued on 2010 or so. It could not earn nice reputation among Japanese reviewers, but this product may good for out of Japan. Probably this was the product what is fit to the needs of the ladies in out of Japan, probably for those who are living in more and more drier area.

Awake has one eye cream now:Awake Herbal Vitalizing Eye Repair Cream

Awake Herbal Vitalizing Eye Repair Cream

This is often ordered, but please do not ask me about this cream. Awake is a great brand under the maker of Kose which tends to be fitting to me, but this Herbal Vitalizing line is too strong for my sensitive skin, and I hesitate to use Herbal Vitalizing like on my eye area. Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying this cream is quite light texture, easy to apply.

Please check the latest price, and order from here:Awake Herbal Vitalizing Eye Repair Cream, or in JPY Branch!