THREE Balancing Soap is a nice face wash with orange & rosemary scent

I (Cherry) love THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil (makeup remover) and THREE Balancing Foam (face wash ).

I got a sample of THREE Balancing Soap, a face wash soap.

Let me share with you my personal review of this face wash.

Quite small soap…

THREE Balancing Soap

I used cold water to make foam. It is super easy to make!

The perfume is rosemary and orange, this is the very the scent of Balancing line, but I guess this is weaker than THREE Balancing Foam. I like the smell of Balancing line, but honestly to say, I am tired with this scent, and this weak smell is better.

Do you like soaps as face washes? Soaps often make my skin tight. Afterward of my bath time, I do my skin care routine. Less problem for me. Nice.

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