Personal Review of Dew Beaute Emulsion 2

We chose Dew Beaute as our Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box, Box of Jan, 2015. This size is limited for AW2014, and please do not ask us whether we can deal it for you or not.

Let me tell you about my personal review of this emulsion 2.

You can see this emulsion is on tube, but the full size is push-bottle. This is called “emulsion”, but for me, this is so creamy.

The perfume is the same as lotion, elegant smell, and I don’t hate it. Sometimes I feel stinger with emulsions, how was this emulsion?

Not pretty much problem for my skin. Good! Yet I know there are tons of skin care items which are fitting for my skin more and more, unfortunately.

If you are looking for good price and nice quality product, this Dew Beaute emulsion is one of your solution, I am sure.

Please check the latest price, and order from here:Kanebo Dew Beauté Emulsion. Wanna order in Japanese Yen? Why don’t you visit here?