Beauty Tips — Lotion & Cotton

Skin Care is the best way to do “Natural Makeup”. In this time, I am going to tell you about Lotion and Cotton.

Lots of cosmetic companies are producing cottons, and they often recommend to use cottons to apply their lotion. It is true that surface area of cottons are MUCH bigger than human hands. And this huge surface area is easy to reach all of our face.

I rarely use cottons for applying lotions, excluding masking my face. This is my personal preference, and I have no idea to push my way to you πŸ™‚

I DO use cottons, when I apply liquid foundations/ primers/ sunscreens. I do not want to dirt my hands by those oily things, and wanna cut the step of removing those. Maybe odd way to use cottons, I am sure! πŸ™‚

Do you want to know how Japanese girls use cottons? Yes, I am here to tell you.

Orthodox Way

In this time, I use Albion Skin Conditioner Essential. This bottle is 110ml, and yes, it is almost done! Albion recommends to use this lotion with their Facial Cotton L (Soft). This is a sample size.

See, this is just a usual cotton for me, who do not know what kind of cottons you are using.

Actually… this is big cotton, but thin.

Show you the way to have cotton. I like having cottons on my palm side, but there are also many people have cottons on their hack of the hands. Do as your convenient.

Apply your lotion to cotton. You can see my fingers, and it is enough quantity.

Let me show you the cotton after I applied.

Yes, I had the cotton as horizontal fibers.

OK, when I had the cotton as vertical fibers. Yes! It is the other side of the same cotton, haha. And if you wanna use cottons, do not forget to use the other side too.

Here you are.

I feel it is not comfortable when it tough to my face. But as your convenient. When you feel it is not enough, why don’t you apply your lotions to new cotton and use πŸ™‚

My way is on the next article. Oops, are you padding? OKOK, i will also tell you about that later