Personal Review of Kanebo Dew Beaute Lotion 2

As a box for our Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box, we chose Dew Beaute Lotion & Emulsion Kit.

It is the time to tell you my personal review of this product.

This is “lotion”, but I doubt native English speakers will call this as “toner”.

It looks truly “emulsion”, but not “milk”. This is quite sticky lotion. Do you like sticky lotions? If you do, you may like it too. Me? hmm, it depends.

The perfume is elegant. Not pretty much strong, and I remind as if I were in sea side. Maybe, this is Kanebo wanted to. Because they insists there are seaweed essence “Vitale”, and this “Vitale” is for moist your skin. Ok, ok, I have less interest on such things, it is more and more important for me that whether I feel comfortable or not.

I applied this lotion, and frankly to say, in such price level, it is natural that I am afraid of I feel stinger. Frankly to say, now, my skin condition is good, and I felt quite small stinger. Sometimes I feel unacceptably burned, but this was not so bad like that.

This lotion 2 is for quite dry skin, but when I applied (as other products I apply), I felt it was not enough for me. I needed to apply double quantity, and I was satisfied.

I know there are lots of lotions never/ rarely make me feel stinger, I will not return to this product. But if you have more tough skin and looking for something moist your skin well, and good price product, this is for you, I am sure.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Kanebo Dew Beaute Lotion, or order in JPY Branch.