Personal Review of Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation

I(Cherry) chose Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation as my foundation. My color is YO-02.

I also got a sample of OC-02. I used Lunasol Control Base as my under foundation.

You may see the difference of those two colors. Seems OC-02 is the basic color for Japanese. I am more pail than the standard. My arms are pinkish, but my face is ochre.

I do not always recommend liquid foundation for summer use, they often easy to run or too oily, aka “heavy” we Japanese often describe. But I chose this Lunasol Liquid foundation as my summer foundation. I have to admit it is “heavy” when I just apply it, but it is not oily, but watery. When it gets drier, some of you may feel “dry”. I like natural matte skin, shining effect foundations may be for the people for big pores, I am sure. You may find the right picture, there are no shining effects.

I will not use this foundation in dry season. I may feel my skin is turning so drier.

Unlike Suqqu foundations, it has not pretty heavy effect of correcting flaws. But it is fair, and will not make your skin like “dolls” in bad meaning.

If you are looking for something liquid foundations which is not pretty oily, this foundation may try worth, I am sure.

Check the colors and the latest price from here;” Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation“.