Lunasol Glowing Watery Oil Liquid is good lasting!

Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation line is changed to Lunasol Glowing Watery Oil Liquid.

In Lunasol “Skin Modeling” line, my shade is #YO-02. Indeed here is a sample of #OC-02 and #YO-02 of “Skin Modeling Watery Cream Foundation”.

Seems In Skin Modeling line, #OC-02 is the standard shade, and seems in this new Watery Oil Liquid, #2 is the standard. I swatch #2 of Oil Liquid, and #OC-02 of Watery Cream.

Lunasol oil foundation
(It is really cold and my skin is coming to a little bit gooseflesh.)

Guess the finished shade tone of both Lunasol foundations are similar, and in my eyes, I felt the Skin Modeling Watery Cream Foundation #OC-02 is a little bit lighter than the Glowing Watery Oil Liquid #2. But guess they are categorised as the same tone zone.


The texture of the Glowing Watery Oil Liquid is runny, not extremely runny like some foundations sold in 2018 (SUQQU, THREE…), but as a liquid foundation, guess it is runny.


Lunasol Skin Modeling Watery Cream Foundation is mid-full coverage, I guess. For my experience of runny foundations like SUQQU or THREE, I did not expected this Glowing Watery Oil Liquid has an effect of covering. Indeed see the picture above. The coverage is enough isn’t it?

I also admit that it was a little bit heavier layer (to take photos). However it is more than I had expected.


There are no wired glowing/ radiant/ shining effect. After 10 mins later, I felt it is natural finish.


I walked for 2 hours under warm and sunny Winter — 10 C degrees with wearing this foundation. I did not get sweat, this foundation was kept as if it were just wear.

I do not always recommend liquid foundation for summer use, they often easy to run or too oily, aka “heavy” we Japanese often describe. It was really comfortable to wear.

Check the shades and the latest price from here;” Lunasol Glowing Watery Oil Liquid“.